Five Popular Myths About C++
C++'s primary aim is deliver good and maintainable code where performance and reliability matters.

24 December 2014

Three-part series of new material by Bjarne Stroustrup

In this three-part series, Bjarne Stroustrup explores and debunk five popular myths about C++:

  1. To understand C++, you must first learn C
  2. C++ is an Object-Oriented Language
  3. For reliable software, you need Garbage Collection
  4. For efficiency, you must write low-level code
  5. C++ is for large, complicated, programs only

If you believe in any of these myths, or have colleagues who perpetuate them, these short articles are for you. Several of these myths have been true for someone, for some task, at some time. However, with today’s C++, using widely available up-to date ISO C++ 2011 compilers, and tools, they are mere myths.

##Further Information Five Popular Myths about C++, Part 1, by Bjarne Stroustrup

Five Popular Myths about C++, Part 2, by Bjarne Stroustrup

Five Popular Myths about C++, Part 3, by Bjarne Stroustrup

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