Book Lovers

17 May 2014

…never go to bed alone!

I like spend my free time reading books. I know that the most part of people is able to read one book in a couple of days and then skip another one of the same argument.

However, I am unable to concentrate myself on a single book or topic for more than a couple of weeks. I tried many times to study intensively a single topic all the weeks, but I always finished to start reading something else and then go back to the first book. After several years I reconciled myself to this fact: my mind want to surf accross many arguments, sometimes in the same time: Philosopy, Physic, Math, Spiritual, Computer Science, Drama, Artifical Intelligence, Fantasy.

The only thing that I can do is have three or four books in my bag or on bedside table and start reading what inspires me at the moment. Reading a book can really bring yourself in another dimension. You feel better. Some books are so beautiful that you can feel yourself another person after reading them. You feel like someone that are going up to an infinite stairs, step by step. A good book can move yourself toward the next step.

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